How to stay safe

In a crash there is nothing to protect you from the road. Wearing the right protective gear can help save your life so don’t cut corners on your protective wear, make sure it confirms to any government standards and fits you properly.

Try on your clothes whilst sitting on a motorbike to get a real feel for the fit and comfort. Make sure you can bend properly and clothing isn’t too restrictive or too loose. Your jacket and gloves should fit seamlessly, so every part of your body is suitably protected from the road.

With different weights available for summer and winter, some products offer detachable layers making it suitable for all weathers so do your research before buying. For more information on SHARP and to get help on getting the right fitting helmet, visit



Helmets are the most important piece of protective wear that you will need. Make sure it fits properly and look for the Government’s SHARP rating system.



You’ll need two pairs of gloves – one for summer and one for winter. Make sure your summer pair still offer good abrasion resistance and your winter pair offer good protection from all of the elements.



Thick leather boots will help protect your ankles and feet in an accident. Make sure they are at least 2.5mm thick and have a strong sole and are waterproof too.


Trousers and Jackets

It’s imperative that you wear a good quality jacket and trousers to protect you in any accident. Motorbiking clothing is available in leather, Cordura (body armour and thermal lined), or reinforced ‘casual’ wear (a mix of denim and Kevlar).