Kids' Gallery

Amy, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy always speaks on the phone when she's driving"

Alina, 9, Edinburgh ... "My mummy smokes in the car"

Courtney, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy turns round to talk to me when she's driving."

Raaiyesha, 10, Edinburgh ... "Daddy gets angry sometimes when he's driving"

Shahmeer, 9, Edinburgh ... "My daddy swears at other drivers"

Freya, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy goes through amber lights"

Lucy, 9, Edinburgh ... "Daddy gets angry when people cut in"

Miriam, 9, Edinburgh ... "Mummy goes into her handbag when she's driving and sometimes sends texts"

Daryl, 10, Edinburgh ... "Daddy goes zoom zoom through amber lights"

Charlie, 9, West Lothian ... "My daddy eats at the wheel"

Jordon, 10, West Lothian ... "Daddy doesn't text but he eats when he's driving"

Lois, 10, Edinburgh ... "My dad drives too fast"

Ryan, 6, Edinburgh ... "Daddy shouts a lot in the car"

Lucy, 9, Edinburgh ... "I have to tell daddy to calm down in the car"

Erin, 8, West Lothian ... "My mummy looks behind us when she is driving"

Tess, 3, The Gyle ... "Peach and blue traffic lights"

Tayla, 5, The Gyle ... "Dad drives well"

Sophie, 3, The Gyle ... "Mummy driving"

Leigha, 4, The Gyle ... "That's a stupid place to park"

Freya, 4, The Gyle ... "Daddy driving in the snow"

Charlotte, 3, The Gyle ... "Mum sings in the car"

Lewis, 3, The Gyle ... "Red means stop"

Innes, 5, The Gyle ... "Green van going too fast through a red light"

Lottie, 2, The Gyle ... "Mummy talks on the phone"

Eilidh, 4, The Gyle ... "Mummy waiting at traffic lights in her colourful car"

Blair, 8, The Gyle ... "Dad Speeds"

Joe, 7, The Gyle ... "My dad eats in the car"

Hakim, 4, The Gyle ... "Mummy going through the green light"

Freya, 6, The Gyle ... "Sometimes I sit in the front with Nana"

Bailey, 11, The Gyle ... "Pick up truck"

Keeley, 5, Asda Jewel ... "Mummy says naughty words"

Millie, 6, Asda Jewel ... "Dad talks on the phone"

Caitlin, 10, Asda Jewel ... "Dad gets angry sometimes"

Joshua, 7, Asda Jewel ... "Bad words"

Ava, 5, Asda Jewel ... "Gran is naughty"

Isla, 4, Asda Jewel ... "Bad language"

Ula, 6, Asda Jewel ... "Scared being in the back of the car"

Nathan, 7, Asda Jewel ... "Mum tells other drivers off"

Keira, 10, Asda Jewel ... "Dad throws rubbish out the window but mum doesn't"

Tilly, 3, Livingston ... "Stop talking"

Maddy, 8, Livingston ... "Distracting mummy"

Ailsa, 6, Livingston ... "Mummy reaches back"

Josh, 7, Livingston ... "Dad slow down"

Tai, 5, Livingston ... "100 miles per hour"

Cole, 5, Livingston ... "Pedal to the floor"

Adam, 6, Livingston ... "Daddy overtaking a lorry and speeding"

Calhan, 5, Livingston ... "Daddy drives with no hands"

Scott, 5, Livingston ... "Mummy looks in her bag"

Alix, 10, Livingston ... "Mum sings"

Callum, 5, Livingston ... "Mummy drives so fast"

Sophia, 4, Livingston ... "Chat chat chat"

Amy, 11, Livingston ... "Yellow line parker"

Brooke, 7, Livingston ... "My mum drives me to school, we should walk instead"

Ebony, 4, Livingston ... "Even I tell Mummy not to talk on the phone"

Lily, 5, Livingston,"We've had a few near misses"

Kieran, 12, Livingston ... "My mum sometimes beeps her horn at people"

Anna, 11, Livingston ... "I've got a Daddy who uses naughty words"

Matthew, 10, Livingston ... "Emergency stop"

Callum, 7, Livingston ... "Dad shouts at me when I take my belt off - it's my fault too"

Maia, 3, Livingston ... "Speeding is mum's problem"

Grace, 5, Livingston ... "My dad gets really close to other cars"

Kyle, 10, Livingston ... "Dad should take a pit stop"

Thomas, 5, Livingston ... "When mum likes a song on the radio she sings along"

Rory, 7, Livingston ... "Too tired for a drive"

Grace, 6, Livingston ... "My dad uses colourful language"

Coen, 4, Perth ... "Red light jumper"

Sanrda, 4, Perth ... "Mummy talking on the phone"

Leila, 4, Perth ... "Vroom vroom"

Abbie, 12, Perth ... "Chat chat chat"

Leah, 11, Perth ... "Shouting at other drivers"

Isabella, 4, Perth ... "Mummy looking out the window"

Safia, 7, Perth ... "Swearing at other drivers"

James, 7, Perth ... "Not looking properly so we crashed into the lights"

Angelina, 6, Perth ... "Too much talking and shouting"

Aaron, 7, Perth ... "They drive too fast for my liking"

Shay, 10, Perth ... "Dad shouts at other drivers"

Lola, 12, Perth ... "Mum plays on her phone and dad doesn't wear his seat belt"

May, 8, Perth ... "Daddy shouting at people crossing the road"

Amelia, 3, Perth ... "You're going too fast Daddy!"

Amilee, 4, Perth ... "Mum likes to speed"

Malcolm, 8, Perth ... "My dad drives with his arm out the window sometimes"

Nuria, 11, Perth ... "We""re going too fast!"

Carina, 10, Perth ... "Get off the phone"

Lily, 7, Perth ... "Why don't you always wear your seatbelt Mum?"

Imogen, 4, Perth ... "You're going too fast again Mum"

Fearne, 3, Perth ... "Driving too slow is naughty too"

Elisha, 10, Perth ... "So many things, where do I start?"

Leah, 7, Alloa ... "Daddy shouldn't drink juice whilst driving"

Chloe, 12, Alloa ... "Road rage"

Sean, 5, Alloa ... "Please slow down"

Ellie, 4, Alloa ... "You're going very fast Daddy"

Ciara, 8, Alloa ... "Mum tells other drivers to hurry up when she is running late"

Ruairi, 6, Alloa ... "Driving too fast isn't fun"

Aila, 6, Alloa ... "Sometimes it's better to be quiet"

Caleb, 3, Alloa ... "Why do you drive so fast Daddy?"

Jamie-lee, 6, Alloa ... "My Daddy munches in the car when he should eat at home instead"

Zane, 3, Alloa ... "My mum sings and eats in the car - not at the same time though"

Keira, 6, Alloa ... "Granny & Pops chatter all the time"

Euan, 7, Alloa ... "When my mums 'jogging music' comes on the radio she moves in the seat like she's running"

Jessica, 3, Alloa ... "What are you eating now Mummy?"

Abbie, 7, Glenrothes ... "Loud music can be distracting too"

Imogen, 5, Glenrothes ... "Driving with one hand isn't very safe"

Mya, 5, Glenrothes ... "Why do you drive so fast Mum?"

Robert, 7, Glenrothes ... "It's not safe to drive with one hand is it?"

Andrew, 5, Glenrothes ... "Mummy only talks on the phone when Daddy isn't there - she must know it's naughty"

Skyla-Louise, 1, Glenrothes ... "Shouting and being angry at others isn't very nice"

Madison, 3, Glenrothes ... "Mum shouldn't tell other drivers off"

Sarah, 6, Glenrothes ... "Mummy sometimes eats crisps when she is driving - maybe we should eat before we leave the house"

Conlan, 3, Glenrothes ... "My aunty sings loudly, it doesn't just distract her but other drivers too"

Sophie, 5, Glenrothes ... "We won't do anything wrong in your new car, will we mummy?"

Morgan, 6, Glenrothes ... "Cars shouldn't dance to music"

Maia, 3, Glenrothes ... "Beeping at someone to move isn't nice"

Eva, 3, Glenrothes ... "Oops! We should stop at traffic lights, not hit them"

Alivia, 3, Dunfermline ... "Too fast too slow"

Lewis, 6, Dunfermline ... "Grass isn't for driving on"

Ewan, 3, Dunfermline ... "My Daddy is a great driver, I wish everyone's dad was"

Kray, 9, Dunfermline ... "My mum shouts in the car but she shouldn't"

Angel, 6, Dunfermline ... "No one should use bad words in the car"

Josh, 4, Dunfermline ... "My dad's cheeky to other drivers"

Julie, 4, Dunfermline ... "Please don't shout at other drivers dad"

Ted, 6, Dunfermline ... "Beep beep at other drivers isn't nice"

Flynn, 7, Dunfermline ... "Please don't drive so fast"

Scott, 8, Elgin ... "Texting whilst driving is bad dad"

Marylin, 12, Elgin ... "Dad drives way too fast and never wears his seat belt"

Kayla, 2, Elgin ... "Daddy shouldn't talk on the phone when he drives but he does"

Robert, 8, Elgin ... "Mum always shouts at other drivers"

James, 5, Elgin ... "Mum is always in a rush"

Sophie, 10, Elgin ... "Dad shouldn't shout at other drivers but he does"

Emma, 10, Elgin ... "Nana shouldn't smoke in the car"

Jessica, 8, Elgin ... "Daddy swears and drives too fast - it's bad"

Caitlin, 1, Dunfermline ... "Daddy is on the phone"

Cara Louise, 6, Elgin ... "Mummy shouts at other drivers to get off the road"

Athol, 7, Elgin ... "Mummy shouldn't shout at other drivers but she does"

Conlan, 3, Glenrothes ... "My aunty sings loudly, it doesn't just distract her but other drivers too"

Fionn, 11, Elgin ... "Slow drivers make mum and dad angry"

Leoni, 9, Elgin ... "If you don't pay attention you will crash the car"

Macy, 10, Dunfermline ... "We should slow down for people"

Billy, 7, Elgin ... "My dad doesn't pay attention to the traffic lights"

Liam, 12, Elgin ... "Daddy gets distracted by people walking down the street"

Isabella, 2, Elgin ... "Mum drinks coffee when she drives and steers with one hand"

Ellie, 5, Elgin ... "Mum plays the music too loud and sings"

Sarah, 4, Elgin ... "Daddy beeps his horn at other cars"

Michael, 8, Elgin ... "Mum gets angry when dad is distracted by other people"

Charli, 5, Elgin ... "Amber lights don't mean speed up"

Megan, 6, Elgin ... "Don't beep at other drivers"

Abbie, 8, Elgin ... "There's on need to beep your horn daddy"

Carly, 5, Elgin ... "There's no need for speed"

Peter, 6, Elgin ... "Buses drive too fast too sometimes"

William, 8, Elgin ... "Please don't use bad words at other drivers"

Marc, 4, Elgin ... "We should always keep our hands on the wheel"

Lee Andrew, 4, Elgin ... "We should always wear our seatbelts"

Sonny, 7, Elgin ... "Don't drive so fast, we might hit something"

Naiomi, 4, Elgin ... "If we play music loudly then we might not hear other cars coming"

Aimee, 9, Elgin ... "Please don't chat on the phone and drive at the same time - I don't like it"

Tommy, 6, Elgin ... "Do you really need to answer your phone mum"

Aiden, 6, Elgin ... "Changing music CDs is naughty because you have to take your eyes off the road to do it"

Haris, 4, Elgin ... "I shouldn't be allowed to beep the horn"

Negah, 9, Elgin ... "Throwing things out of the window is dangerous for other drivers too not just us"

Willow, 7, Elgin ... "Stop shouting please Dad"

Shana, 8, Elgin ... "We should make sure we're not hungry before going out in the car"

Layla, 4, Inverness ... "It's daft not to wear seatbelts"

Ellie, 11, Inverness ... "We shouldn't shout at slow drivers"

Mia, 2, Inverness ... "If there's too much noise it can be distracting"

Josselyn, 5, Inverness ... "We need to make sure we drive on the correct side of the road - we don't want to hit another car"

Maya, 3, Inverness ... "Mum gets distracted by us"

Avah, 6, Inverness ... "Beeping our horn can distract other drivers and not just Mummy"

Ilakkiya, 2, Inverness ... "We should give way to other drivers Mummy doesn't sometimes but will do from now on"

Olivia, 2, Inverness ... "Even if other drivers annoy Daddy he shouldn't get angry at them"

Casey, 4, Inverness ... "Mummy crashed her van because she wasn't paying attention"

Ewan, 5, Inverness ... "Getting annoyed at other drivers is silly and can be dangerous"

Molly, 2, Inverness ... "Red lights mean stop not go"

Josh, 4, Inverness ... "Granny calls other drivers silly fools"

Jake, 6, Inverness ... "Granny gets angry when other drivers pull out in front of her"

Negha, 6, Inverness ... "Other drivers don't wear their seatbelts"

Orla, 4, Inverness ... "Amber doesn't mean go"

Brooke, 3, Inverness ... "Daddy should slow down when he drives"

Kathryn, 12, Inverness ... "You shouldn't make phone calls when driving"

Ashleigh, 12, Inverness ... "Answering your phone when driving is wrong"

Aaron, 2, Inverness ... "Frustration causes accidents"

Anna, 2, Inverness ... "Dad should slow down"

Kirsty, 4, Inverness ... "I'm going to tell my dad to stop eating in the car"

Eilidh, 5, Inverness ... "We should leave earlier instead of driving too fast Dad"

Joanna, 9, Inverness ... "My mum talks on the phone and drives at the same time"

Hollie, 3, Inverness ... "Red lights mean you should stop not get faster"

Charlie, 3, Inverness ... "Not paying attention to traffic lights can be really, really dangerous" 

Aarini, 5, Inverness ... "If you can't see the trees then you are driving too fast"

Abigail, 3, Oban ... "Maybe my mummy will slow down now"

Alexander, 7, Oban ... "I see lots of drivers overtaking and nearly hitting the cars coming towards them"

John, 2, Oban ... "Using bad words is very bad"

Lucy, 7, Oban ... "Going round and round the roundabout because you don't know where you are going can make you dizzy"

Connor, 4, Oban ... "When you don't obey the speed limit you might crash or get arrested"

Alexander, 5, Oban ... "Being distracted means you take your eyes off the road and that's very dangerous"

Ben, 8, Oban ... "Red means you should stop the car and not move again until it's green"

Angus, 9, Oban ... "Be a courteous driver, it's easy to do and everyone should be one"

Finlay, 7, Oban ... "If you don't strap your dog in, it will jump all over you and cause an accident"

Dakota, 8, Oban ... "If there are animals like horses or cows crossing in front of you, you should stop or they might run into another car"

Maria, 6, Oban ... "You should look at the road signs because you might have an accident if you don't"

Jakob, 10, Oban ... "We need both hands on the wheel to be safe in the car"

Josh, 10, Oban ... "A car skidding"

Mark, 10, Galashiels ... "Swearing at silly drivers can be as distracting as the silly drivers."

Claire, 6, Galashiels ... "Sometimes Dad drives fast but I""m sure he won't do it anymore when he sees my picture"

Gabriel, 3, Galashiels ... "Getting angry at silly drivers is just as silly."

Bradley, 1, Galashiels ... "Talking on the phone and driving at the same time is a really bad thing to do"

Jay, 1, Galashiels ... "Papa's got road rage, maybe he'll stop now"

Eoin, 1, Galashiels ... "It's dangerous not to wear a seatbelt so we always wear ours"

Maizy, 3, Galashiels ... "We should avoid hitting animals but only if it's safe to do so"

Amelia, 8, Galashiels ... "Sometimes driving too fast causes accidents"

Charlotte, 7, Galashiels ... "Mummy puts make-up on when she drives"

Caitlin, 7, Galashiels ... "Please slow down Dad"

Oliver, 6, Galashiels ... "Mum needs to concentrate to keep us and other drivers safe"

Adam, 4, Galashiels ... "Stop talking and driving Grandpa"

Craig, 6, Galashiels ... "Please don't shout at other drivers"

Hope, 11, Ocean Terminal ... "Pulling out in front of other cars is dangerous because they might not know you are coming"

Aiden, 6, Ocean Terminal ... "If our music is too loud we could be distracted or not hear another car coming"

Arran, 6, Ocean Terminal ... "Daddy wasn't looking and we crashed"

Ella, 1, Ocean Terminal ... "How can we be safe if we don't look where we are going?"

Daisy, 4, Ocean Terminal ... "Driving the wrong way down a road will cause an accident and scare other drivers"

Malacay, 4, Ocean Terminal ... "Driving too fast means we don't have time to stop if the lights change to red"

Aisha, 6, Ocean Terminal ... "Why do some older people not wear their belts? If they crash they could get hurt. I always wear mine"

Mark, 6, Ocean Terminal ... "When I grow up I won't drive fast"

Kai, 7, Ocean Terminal ... "Mum you don't need to beep your horn so much"

Lauren, 9, Dumfries ... "You need both hands to steer the car not for eating and drinking"

Dominic, 1, Dumfries ... "If you speed you won't be able to stop in time if there is danger ahead"

Charlie, 7, Dumfries ... "Cars could hit a person and really hurt them if they are speeding"

Richard, 7, Dumfries ... "We let cars pass on the motorway but they don't always let us pass and that's not fair"

Bronwyn, 9, Dumfries ... "Talking on the phone and driving is dangerous but I've seen people do it"

Alishia, 10, Dumfries ... "My dad has answered his phone when he's been driving - that's a dangerous thing to do Dad"

Daniel, 4, Dumfries ... "If you're not looking you could hit a person or even a wall"

Kara, 4, Ingliston ... "You won't drink your juice and drive again will you Dad?"

Myah, 4, Ingliston ... "I don't like it when Dad drives fast"

Cameron, 1, Ingliston ... "Maybe Mum will slow down a bit now"

Zara, 10, Ingliston ... "It would be horrible if we crashed and Dad didn't have his seatbelt on"

Aleisha, 5, Ingliston ... "If you only have one hand on the wheel how can you control the car Dad?"

Kai, 6, Ingliston ... "Driving too slow can cause accidents too"

Finlay, 11, Ingliston ... "Why bother shouting at other drivers?"

Cara, 3, Ingliston ... "We won't hear other cars coming if you don't turn the music down Mum"

Jack, 6, Ingliston ... "We shouldn't be eating and driving at the same time"

Katie, 4, Ingliston ... "You should always wear your seatbelt"

Lewis, 1, Ingliston ... "Don't go so fast"

Nathan, 3, Ingliston ... " I tell daddy to slow down"

Cerys, 5, Ingliston ... "Daddy should slow down"

Isla, 3, Ingliston ... "Slow down please"

Shanzay, 5, Ingliston ... "You won't use your phone and drive again will you Mum?"

Noah, 2, Ingliston ... "Think ahead Dad"

Reilly, 2, Ingliston ... "Dad you need to refuel before you drive off"

Kieron, 8, Ingliston ... "Phone calls can wait until we stop"

Luca, 7, Ingliston ... "Mum won't use her phone again"

Lola, 4, Ingliston ... "The green light can change at any time so we shouldn't drive so fast towards them"

Ryan, 6, Ingliston ... "Its so dangerous to drive fast"

Alan, 9, Ingliston ... "What would happen if the person my dad shouts at gets out of his car?"

Sophie, 5, Ingliston ... "Don't eat and drive"

Molly, 6, Ingliston ... "Always look where you are going and don't get distracted"

Connor, 3, Ingliston ... "Dad you should only beep your horn in an emergency"

Marisa, 5, Ingliston ... "If you need to drive fast you should really leave earlier"

James, 3, Ingliston ... "The other drivers can't hear you Dad so why shout?"

Jayden, 4, Ingliston ... "If you go through a red light you'll probably hit another car"

Bryony, 9, Ingliston ... "Talking and driving at the same time is really dangerous - don't do it"

Lewis, 10, Ingliston ... "Drinking juice when driving fast is double the risk of an accident"

Jessica, 7, Ingliston ... "People crossing the road at the wrong time need to be seen so we should always pay attention"

Jennifer, 12, Ingliston ... "Smoke can get in your eyes"

Robyne, 4, Ingliston ... "Loud noises can distract other drivers too"

Alfie, 2, Ingliston ... "You won't get there any quicker really dad"

Abigail, 5, Ingliston ... "Slow down and we'll see any danger ahead"

Emily, 6, Ingliston ... "It's not just other drivers who do naughty things, my mum does too - maybe she'll stop now"

Ella, 1, Ingliston ... "Don't get angry mum, it scares me too"

Lillianna, 7, Ingliston ... "All drivers should pay attention"

Ryan, 4, Ingliston ... "My Dad likes to speed"

Sophie, 1, Ingliston ... "My dad doesn't use his phone but he does shout at other cars"

Lewis, 7, Ingliston ... "It's wrong to eat and drive at the same time"

Freya, 2, Ingliston ... "We need traffic lights or we'd all crash Dad"

Isaac, 2, Ingliston ... "Stop being rude Dad"

Myles, 10, Ingliston ... "Wheel spins are so dangerous we shouldn't do them"

Erin, 11, Ingliston ... "We should really keep our eyes on the road when driving - my dad doesn't always do this"

Kieran, 6, Ingliston ... "Dad driving too fast makes other drivers angry at us"

Melissa, 5, Ingliston ... "Fighting with Mum makes Dad an angry driver"

Lee, 7, Ingliston ... "Just because our car can go fast Dad it doesn't mean we should drive fast"

Jessica, 10, Ingliston ... "Mum doesn't drive too fast but she does shout at other drivers"

Charlie, 11, Ingliston ... "I'll be a better driver when I pass my test - I won't eat in my car or shout at others"

Zoe, 7, Ingliston ... "Mum doesn't always have two hands on the wheel"

Kurt, 1, Ingliston ... "Dad why do you shout in the car?"

Emily, 7, Ingliston ... "I've seen my Aunty Emma be a naughty driver"

Curtis, 2, Ingliston ... "Can we not speed please Dad?"

Jaydon, 6, Ingliston ... "My dad doesn't obey the speed limit"

Abigail, 4, Ingliston ... "You need to have both hands on the wheel Dad"

Lucas, 4, Ingliston ... "You need to look ahead Mum"

Elise, 7, Ingliston ... "Dad looks after his car but he drives way too fast"

Daniel, 6, Motherwell ... "Shouting in the car isn't a nice thing to do"

Chloe, 8, Motherwell ... "Grandpa how can you steer your truck if you're on the phone?"

Danielle, 8, Motherwell ... "I see lots of drivers on their phone when they drive - that's a really silly thing to do"

Niamh, 5, Motherwell ... "Sometimes Daddy shouts in the car but I don't know why"

Cara, 4, Motherwell ... "Stop shouting please Daddy, the other drivers can't hear you"

Claire, 10, Motherwell ... "Using bad words is rude and skipping lights is dangerous"

Olivia, 3, Motherwell ... "Mummy if you use your hands to eat how can you steer the car?"

Reece, 5, Motherwell ... "Saying bad words in the car at other drivers is a bad thing to do"

Chloe, 2, Motherwell ... "Please don't swear Dad"

Daniel, 8, Broxburn ... "Daniel has drawn us happily driving at 30 (he thinks I'm a good driver - which hopefully I am!)"

Heather, 5, Broxburn ... "Family day out in the car"

Minnah, 6, Hamilton ... "I saw a lady put lipstick on,If you need to wear make up you should put it on before you leave the house"

Mahnoor, 8, Hamilton ... "If you use your phone when you drive, then you're lucky to still be alive"

Tyla, 6, Hamilton ... "Please don't beep your horn anymore mum"

Kelsie, 3, Hamilton ... "Please put your seatbelt on Dad"

Alison, 10, Hamilton ... "Seeing drivers smoke makes me sad"

Amber, 9, Hamilton ... "It is bad to go on the phone in the car"

Jayden, 6, Hamilton ... "Gran says Mum and Dad are silly for talking on the phone when they drive - I think so too"

Blake, 4, Hamilton ... "Look where you're going at all times or you might hit a person or crash"

Sherwyn, 7, Hamilton ... "When other drivers cut in dad gets angry and shouts"

Raphael, 2, Greenock ... "Dad's a good driver because he doesn't go faster when I ask him to"

Sarah, 4, Greenock ... "Me and Granny like to sing in the car but she always keeps her eyes on the road"

Sophie, 2, Greenock ... "Granny and Granddad are good drivers but they always look out for naughty drivers"

Alysiah, 1, Greenock ... "We're always on the look out for naughty drivers"

Anna, 3, Greenock,"Nonna doesn't use her phone but she does shout sometimes"

Aisha, 5, Dumfries ... "Driving all together on holiday with mummy and daddy. The sun is shining and there is a rainbow. We have our seatbelts on and are paying attention to the road signs and traffic lights."

Aisha Sonko, 5, Dumfries ... "me with my mummy and daddy driving on holiday with the sun shining and a rainbow. We have our seatbelts on and are following the road signs and traffic lights safely."

Jamie, 4, Greenock ... "Slow down Aunty"

Kelsey, 8, Greenock ... "We're supposed to slow down when we come to the lights Dad, not speed up"

Callum, 2, Greenock,"I feel safe with Mummy and Daddy because I've never seen them be bad drivers"

Jillion, 2, Greenock ... "I remind Mummy all the time to be a good driver"

Lucy, 3, Greenock ... "Do you really need to shout Daddy?"

Emma, 6, Greenock ... "Speeding up at the lights can be dangerous for us and other cars"

Paddy, 2, Braehead ... "We shouldn't take our eyes off the road to look at rainbows but I can look from the backseat"

Thomas, 3, London ... "This is a picture of me, daddy and sister Thea on holiday in a camper van in Scotland. We just got back from our holidays and it was brilliant."

Connal, 5, Braehead ... "Slow down for speed bumps too"

Ben, 4, Braehead ... "Please don't shout at other drivers Dad"

Thomas, 3, Braehead ... "Grandpa crashed his car because he was reversing too quickly"

Emily, 5, Braehead ... "We should take more care when reversing"

Noah, 1, Braehead ... "Keep your hands on the wheel at all times instead of using the phone"

Joshua, 4, Braehead ... "I saw my aunty using her phone when she was driving"

Jayden, 10, Braehead ... "Stick to the speed limit"

Jackson, 8, Braehead ... "Beeping your horn at other drivers can distract them too"

Emily, 5, Braehead ... "Keep your eyes on the road at all times Mummy"

Erin, 3, Braehead ... "We should stop at red lights not go through them"

Summer, 6, Braehead ... "All my family are good drivers but I've seen some drivers using their phone when they drive"

Sophie, 5, Braehead ... "My Nanny tells other drivers to slow down when they drive too fast"

Louis, 7, Braehead ... "Too much talking can be distracting"

Jack, 1, Braehead ... "Everything's blurry if we drive too fast"

Mark, 6, Braehead ... "We shouldn't shout at other drivers even if they shout at us first"

Ruby, 7, Braehead ... "We need to always pay attention so we can be safe"

Skye, 3, Braehead ... "Stop at red lights to stay safe"

Patrick, 3, Braehead ... "If we stick to the speed limit we'll be much safer"

Layla, 7, Braehead ... "Dad shouts at other drivers - he really shouldn't"

Ryan, 10, Braehead ... "It's very dangerous to drink and drive"

Morgan, 9, Braehead ... "Mummy shouts at other drivers when they do something naughty but she shouldn't shout in case she gets distracted"

Ava, 6, Braehead ... "We should only use the phone when the car is stopped, not when we're driving"

Isla, 9, Braehead ... "No one should smoke when they drive"

Sarah, 5, Braehead ... "Stay off the phone mum"

Sophie, 4, Braehead ... "If you go fast down a hill you will get even faster and maybe lose control of the car"

Robyn, 8, Braehead ... "Dad if you don't indicate how will other drivers know what you're going to do?"

Autumn, 5, Braehead ... "Always indicate to let other drivers know you are turning the corner"

Alyssa, 3, Braehead ... "Sometimes we don't hear other cars because of the music"

Ella, 2, Braehead ... "Keep your eyes on the road mum"

Eilidh, 3, Braehead ... "We should stay nice and calm in the car, not shout"

Dylan, 2, Braehead ... "To stay safe we all should always wear our seatbelts"

Morgan, 11, Braehead ... "Please always wear your seatbelt"

Emily, 2, Braehead ... "My Mum shouts at other drivers"

Ayah, 6, Braehead ... "Maybe we should talk less and concentrate more"

Rachel, 10, Braehead ... "People who drive dangerously can also hurt animals"

Harry, 3, Braehead ... "Why do people drive so fast? They should leave earlier if they're late"

Ava, 6, Braehead ... "My granddad is a naughty driver for driving fast"

Jamie, 9, Braehead ... "I've seen drivers doing lots of things they shouldn't"

Antonio, 4, Braehead ... "We won't really get there much quicker by driving too fast, but we could have an accident if we don't slow down"

Mayah, 9, Braehead ... "Even if it's someone else's fault you shouldn't shout at them"

Sofia, 2, Braehead ... "Mummy sometimes doesn't see everything because she's putting on make up"

Reuben, 6, Braehead ... "Pay attention or you could crash into the traffic lights and you might get hurt"

Ava, 7, Braehead ... "Daddy should behave more like Mummy does and not shout at other cars"

Paige, 5, Silverburn ... "There was a naughty driver outside my nursery who didn't stop to let us cross the road"

Daniel, 3, Silverburn ... "Not all drivers stop for the green man"

Lois, 4, Silverburn ... "Why do you drive fast Dad?"

Annabelle, 7, Silverburn ... "Mum doesn't always stop at red lights when she should"

Maariyah, 3, Silverburn ... "Sometimes my daddy splashes people when he drives through muddy puddles"

Syrah, 10, Silverburn ... "My dad is a crazy driver"

Leonie, 11, Silverburn ... "We should obey traffic lights or we could be in a crash"

Ellie, 10, Silverburn ... "All drivers should stop for the green man so we can cross the road safely"

Kai, 5, Silverburn ... "Red means stop not go"

Ollie, 2, Silverburn ... "I don't like it when cars are driving too fast"

Aiden, 3, Silverburn ... "Red means stop, green means go"

Ella, 3, Silverburn ... "You don't need to beep your horn Mummy"

Jessica, 3, Silverburn ... "Daddy should keep both hands on the wheel instead of biting his nails"

Megan, 8, Silverburn ... "My Aunty Laura is a naughty driver"

Morgan, 10, Silverburn ... "My cousin has road rage"

Sophia, 4, Silverburn ... "Why do all drivers not stop for the green man?"

Morag, 8, Silverburn ... "My Daddy sometimes goes too fast but not all the time"

Shonagh, 7, Silverburn ... "Why do drivers go so fast?"

Jade, 11, Silverburn ... "Its not nice to swear at other drivers"

Emily, 11, Silverburn ... "It makes me sad that mum uses her phone when she drives"

Maya, 5, Silverburn ... "Even though it's another drivers fault my Daddy shouldn't get angry at them"

Shawnie, 4, Silverburn ... "If you don't wear a seatbelt you might get hurt"

Ellie, 1, Silverburn ... "Everyone should stay safe by wearing their seatbelt"

Eva, 3, Silverburn ... "Put your seatbelts on please"

Jamie, 4, Silverburn ... "We need to use both hands to steer not to eat"

Lauren, 6, Silverburn ... "I wish my uncle would slow down"

Elle, 4, Silverburn ... "Sometimes drivers race each other, that's a really dangerous thing to do"

Kayla, 4, Silverburn ... "You should only drive when the lights are green"

Lexi, 1, Silverburn ... "Please slow sown Daddy especially when I'm in the car"

Robyn, 4, Silverburn ... "Stay safe and wear your seatbelt"

Lauren, 9, Silverburn ... "Lots of drivers do lots of bad things"

Alana, 11, Silverburn ... "'It's really, really dangerous to drink and drive. You won't know what you're doing"

Zahra, 4, Silverburn ... "Maybe Mummy should leave earlier instead of driving fast"

Sophie-Leigh, 7, Silverburn ... "Dad, you're really naughty. You shouldn't shave when you're driving"

Daryell, 4, Silverburn ... "Dad throws his rubbish out of the car window"

Zia, 5, Silverburn ... "If you're going for a drive put your seatbelt on"

Coco, 5, Silverburn ... "I see lots of cars going too fast"

Kiera, 5, Silverburn ... "I think people that don't wear their seatbelts are really daft"

Evangelina, 5, Silverburn ... "My Dad was driving with no hands on the wheel"

Calvin, 8, Silverburn ... "I've seen cars go through red lights before"

Toni, 7, Silverburn ... "I've seen lots of cars going too fast"

John, 11, Silverburn ... "Using your phone and driving is a big no no but I've seen it lots of times"

Katie, 8, Silverburn ... "We don't do it but some people answer their phone"

Noah, 4, Silverburn ... "My dad really needs to slow down"

Stella, 5, Silverburn ... "We need to turn the music down and wear our seatbelts too"

Hashim, 6, Silverburn ... "I always put my belt on"

Talha, 12, Silverburn ... "Mum should keep her eyes on the road more"

Abdullah, 5, Silverburn ... "My dad tells us about lots of drivers doing bad things on the road"

Mansoor, 5, Silverburn ... "I've never seen my dad speeding or on the phone or angry when he's driving"

Ryan, 6, Silverburn ... "My Dad got in trouble by the police for throwing rubbish out his window"

Saira, 7, Silverburn ... "I don't like going fast"

Kara, 4, Silverburn ... "My Daddy is a good driver but other drivers need to slow down"

Kara, 4, Silverburn ... "My Daddy is a good driver but other drivers need to slow down"

Ella, 4, Silverburn ... "Concentrate on the road not on your phone"

Jay, 1, Silverburn ... "Daddy did a very bad thing"

Hollie, 6, St James Park ... "Dad shouts at people"

Kian, 9, St James Park ... "Too many angry drivers"

Jordan, 3, St James Park ... "I've seen cars go really slow and hold up traffic"

Laura, 7, St James Park ... "Going too fast? You might crash"

Alfie, 6, St James Park ... "Mum says she'll use her mirror to look at cars behind her from now on"

Carmen, 5, St James Park ... "Instead of eating in the car we should always drive with both hands on the wheel"

Carly, 5, St James Park ... "Daddy should calm down"

Ben, 10, St James Park ... "Smoking and using the phone is daft but even dafter doing both at the same time"

Blair, 9, St James Park ... "Being cheeky to other drivers is horrible"

Alistair, 10, St James Park ... "Ugh"

Kyle, 10, St James Park ... "I've seen drivers texting behind the wheel"

Riley, 2, St James Park ... "Daddy keep both hands on the wheel"

Mackenzie, 10, St James Park ... "Going through red lights causes accidents"

Kameron, 4, St James Park ... "Going through amber lights can cause accidents"

Daniel, 10, St James Park ... "My Nana weaves about the road sometimes because she's not paying attention"

Ross, 5, Ferguslie Park ... "Maybe mum will slow down now"

Corry, 7, Ferguslie Park ... "We could help Mum become less distracted"

Aiden, 4, Ferguslie Park ... "Cars go way too quick"

Paul, 6, Ferguslie Park ... "If drivers didn't use their phones they'd be safer"

Christopher, 5, Ferguslie Park ... "Smoking in the car is something my dad does"

Stella, 9, Ferguslie Park ... "Talking on the phone can distract Mum sometimes"

Niamh, 10, Ferguslie Park ... "Mum should keep both hands on the wheel instead of eating"

Jay, 8, Ferguslie Park ... "Dad talking on the phone isn't funny"

Brodie, 10, Ferguslie Park ... "When dad's angry he swears"

Callum, 8, Ferguslie Park ... "I wish everyone was as good a driver as my Papa"

Jamie, 6, Ferguslie Park ... "Getting angry when you're driving is just stupid"

Jack, 6, Ferguslie Park ... "Cars really should slow down instead of driving so fast"

Liam, 4, Ferguslie Park ... "Too many drivers jump the lights"

Liam, 6, Ferguslie Park ... "I think cars should slow down in the rain because it's really, really dangerous to go fast"

Kayla, 4, Ayr ... "If dad slowed down a bit we'd be much safer"

Brandon, 7, Ayr ... "There are so many things that drivers do that are naughty"

Freddie, 5, Ayr ... "I think all drivers should use their seatbelt"

Evie, 5, Ayr ... "Going too slow is as bad as going too fast"

Emma, 4, Ayr ... "My uncle drives with his music so loud he can't hear other cars coming"

Amy, 4, Ayr ... "If cars go fast like my uncle's car they are more likely to crash"

Emily, 2, Ayr ... "Some cars go through red lights"

Chloe, 2, Ayr ... "I've seen people without their seatbelts"

Kian, 3, Ayr ... "Beeping the horn at people can scare them"

Louise, 7, Ayr ... "If you look round too much you will crash"

Ava, 2, Ayr ... "Please stop when the lights are red"

Keira, 7, Ayr ... "Don't look in your handbag"

Charlie, 2, Ayr ... "Don't look at your phone"

Aidan, 4, Ayr ... "Keep both hands on the wheel always"

Harry, 6, Ayr ... "If you've not got your phone next to you you can't answer it"

Kari, 5, Ayr ... "Not wearing a seatbelt is so silly"

Mia, 5, Ayr ... "Use your lights when you need them"

Josh, 7, Ayr ... "Use your indicators "

Leah, 2, Irvine ... "Texting and driving is so bad"

Riley, 4, Irvine ... "Just let your phone ring instead of answering it"

Skye, 6, Irvine ... "I've seen Mum eating when she drives"

Ava, 4, Irvine ... "You could scare someone by beeping your horn"

Kailei, 3, Irvine ... "We should slow down when it's wet"

Isla, 2, Irvine ... "I don't like it when people use their phone and drive"

Arwen, 2, Irvine ... "I see lots of naughty drivers"

Ewen, 8, Irvine ... "Dad used to drive when he was tired but not anymore"

Amber, 10, Irvine ... "I hate it when people smoke and drive"

Shella, 12, Irvine ... "Drivers should slow down a bit and always use their seatbelts"

Sasha, 4, Irvine ... "If you don't look where you are going you will crash"

Fionna, 9, Irvine ... "I think there are lots of things drivers do that they shouldn't"

Caitlin, 10, Irvine ... "My dad uses his phone when he drives"

Lleyton, 4, Irvine ... "Red means stop not go"

Lauchlin, 5, Irvine ... "I think car horns shouldn't be beeped at other cars"

Olivia, 3, Irvine ... "Mummy used to shout at other drivers but says she won't anymore"

Kyle, 1, Irvine ... "Daddy thinks he's a racing car driver"

Liam, 3, Irvine ... "It's so noisy when Mummy beeps her horn"

Max, 3, Irvine ... "My Mummy's a great driver but someone bad drove away after they crashed their car into ours"

Abbie, 9, Irvine ... "Mummy doesn't speed but she does use her phone"

Brandon, 5, Loch Lomond ... "The man who was using his phone was being really naughty"

Addison, 2, Loch Lomond ... "Drivers that don't wear their seatbelts are so silly"

Kian, 3, Loch Lomond ... "Some drivers think they are racing car drivers because they go too fast"

Anish, 5, Loch Lomond ... "Maybe Dad will stop using his phone now"

Abbie, 7, Loch Lomond ... "We should help Daddy to be a better driver"

Toni-Lee, 5, Loch Lomond ... "Grandpa needs to stop shouting at Granny when she's driving"

Jamie, 2, Loch Lomond ... "Cars should only overtake when it's safe and they can see what's coming"

Brody, 3, Loch Lomond ... "Mum should look at the road not in her handbag"

Poppy, 4, Loch Lomond ... "Our Dad makes the horn beep in tune to the music"

Katie, 4, Loch Lomond ... "Dad shouts when he shouldn't"

Logan, 8, Loch Lomond ... "Jen, stay off the phone"

Declan, 11, Loch Lomond ... "I hate it when people throw litter out of the cars"

Sam, 5, Loch Lomond ... "Undertaking is the worst thing I've ever seen"

Daniel, 10, Loch Lomond ... "Undertaking is the worst thing I've seen a car doing"

Olivia, 6, Loch Lomond ... "My Mum drives with her knees and waves her hands as if she's dancing"

Oden, 5, Loch Lomond ... "Stop eating when you're driving"

Lottie, 3, Loch Lomond ... "When we're being naughty Mummy turns around. We'll not be naughty again"

Rosie, 7, Perth ... "Family trip with Mum and me, with my bike, with it's basket on the roof"

Ella, 5, Perth ... "Driving past a dog in it's garden burying it's bones"

Harris, 7, Loch Lomond ... "My dad wears ear plugs so he doesn't have to listen to us, but that also means he can't hear other cars"

Willow, 5, Loch Lomond ... "I wish Papa would always wear his seatbelt"

Lisa, 6, Loch Lomond ... "My Dad's clever because he doesn't use his phone in the car"

Callan, 8, Largs ... "Mummy saying the F word in the car"

September, 6, Largs ... "Granddad takes his hands off the wheel to dance"

Kiefer Jones, 2, Alford ... "Don't drive fast or you may lose control and hurt someone"

Ava, 5, Dumbarton ... "Mummy gets angry at other drivers sometimes"

Orlaith, 5, Dumbarton ... "Dad never drives anymore if he's tired"

Finn, 4, Dumbarton ... "Mummy's good but Daddy's naughty"

Paddy, 3, Dumbarton ... "Sometimes Daddy drives too fast"

Jack, 1, Dumbarton ... "I've got a naughty Grandpa"

Maya, 2, Dumbarton ... "Mummy is naughty and should always wear her seatbelt"

Aanaya, 3, Dumbarton ... "What my aunty does is very dangerous"

Waris, 8, Dumbarton ... "Dad needs to behave when driving"

Subhan, 2, Dumbarton ... "My sister should keep both her hands on the steering wheel"

Madison, 4, Dumbarton ... "My Daddy is a policeman so he is a perfect driver"

Alyssa, 2, Dumbarton ... "Mummy should only beep her horn as a warning"

Lisa, 6, Loch Lomond ... "My Daddy doesn't use his phone when he is driving. He's very clever"

Iain, 5, Dumbarton ... "Mummy doesn't drive too fast or too slow"

Mia, 8, Dundee ... "Going fast is dangerous because you might hit someone"

Sam, 6, Dundee ... "Slow down when you're coming up to traffic lights"

Chelsea, 11, Dundee ... "I was knocked over by a speeding driver so I think thats the worst thing a driver can do"

Summer, 6, Dundee ... "Going through a red light will get you in trouble from the police"

Danny, 8, Dundee ... "Mum's an amber gambler"

Kayleigh, 4, Dundee ... "Some cars don't stop for the green man"

Jordan, 6, Dundee ... "Mum makes the car dance to the music"

Jordan, 9, Dundee ... "Mum makes the car dance to the music"

Nathan, 6, Dundee ... "Maybe Dad will stop shouting at other cars"

Mia, 4, Dundee ... "Mummy's learning to drive and other cars get too close to her"

Mia, 4, Dundee ... "Mum's learning how to drive and she says other cars get way too close to her"

Sophie, 6, Dundee ... "Red light jumpers could cause a bad accident"

Amber, 3, Dundee ... "Granny shouldn't answer her phone when she's driving"

Millie, 5, Dundee ... "I think the naughtiest thing that drivers do is drink and drive"

Hunter, 2, Dundee ... "Mummy promises not to be an angry driver when she passes her test"

Sarah, 6, Dundee ... "Texting can be distracting when you're driving"

Chloe, 4, Dundee ... "My Granddad is very naughty"

Katelyn, 6, Dundee ... "There are so many silly and dangerous things that drivers do"

Daisy, 4, Dundee ... "Granny should count to ten instead of shouting at cars"

Rudi, 2, Dundee ... "Slow down a bit Dad"

Jubaeth, 2, Dundee ... "Not everyone stops for the green man"

Isabella, 2, Dundee ... "I don't like fast cars"

Sebastian, 4, Dundee ... "No one should drink and drive because it's dangerous"

Emily, 3, Dundee ... "Daddy should stop taking his hands off the wheel"

Leila, 2, Dundee ... "Smoking is so dirty & horrible"

Xuan, 2, Dundee ... "Lots of drivers speed on the motorway"

Mollie, 2, Dundee ... "I don't like noisy 'beep beeps'"

Lola, 3, Dundee ... "If cars don't stop for the green man people can't cross the road safely"

Lacey, 3, Dundee ... "I should be sitting in the back Daddy"

Sajid, 3, Dundee ... "We can't see out Dad"

Naima, 7, Dundee ... "You should always wear your seatbelt"

Fatima, 6, Dundee ... "My neighbour shouldn't drive so fast"

Amna, 4, Dundee ... "Don't play games in the car"

Aisha, 1, Dundee ... "If cars go too fast they might not see us playing in the street"

Abbie, 2, Aberdeen ... "Don't be a litterbug"

Isla, 7, Aberdeen ... "I thought Daddy had parked in a disabled bay but he hadn't"

Caitlin, 5, Aberdeen ... "Mummy and Daddy always wear their seatbelt but I've seen people who don't"

Olivia, 3, Aberdeen ... "Driving too slow is as silly as driving too fast"

Alina, 7, Aberdeen ... "Look where you're going"

Brandon, 2, Aberdeen ... "Mummy uses naughty words"

Jacob, 2, Aberdeen ... "I don't like it when drivers are rude"

Ellen, 2, Aberdeen ... "Mummy could get distracted when she is singing"

Ailie, 3, Aberdeen ... "Mummy's promised not to text anymore"

Logan, 1, Aberdeen ... "Mummy got a fright when the car behind us was really, really close"

Ojas, 3, Aberdeen ... "Grannie should stop being so noisy"

Lena, 6, Aberdeen ... "Mummy and Grannie are both shouty in the car"

Nikola, 3, Aberdeen ... "My Mummy doesn't drive but I've seen lots of cars going way too fast"

Ellie, 4, Aberdeen ... "My Mummy gets angry at other drivers sometimes"

A.J, 7, Aberdeen ... "We should help mummy by not being so noisy"

Gracie, 3, Aberdeen ... "My ears hurt from the music"

William, 1, Aberdeen ... "You need to look at the road"

Stella, 4, Aberdeen ... "Mum says when we play with toys in the car it distracts her"

Michaela, 5, Aberdeen ... "Red doesn't mean go"

Princess, 7, Aberdeen ... "I see naughty drivers all the time sending text messages"

Kai, 3, Aberdeen ... "Dougie says he won't use bad words anymore"

Caitlin, 4, Aberdeen ... "Don't be silly, wear your belt"

Josh, 5, Aberdeen ... "If you drink the police will come for you"

Zoe, 2, Aberdeen ... "How can you drive when you're on the phone?"

Ava, 5, Aberdeen ... "Dad feels the need for speed. He's naughty"

Lexie, 6, Aberdeen ... "You should pull over if you need to use your phone"

Connor, 12, Aberdeen ... "Mum got angry when a tractor was parked in our drive and we couldn't get our car out"

Erin, 6, Aberdeen ... "Going fast is scary and dangerous"

Jessica, 6, Aberdeen ... "My Daddy parks where he shouldn't"

Travis, 5, Aberdeen ... "My Great Grandma gets road rage"

Travis, 5, Aberdeen ... "My Great Grandma gets road rage"

Pradyun, 4, Aberdeen ... "Wearing a seatbelt keeps everyone safe in the car"

Izzy, 4, Aberdeen ... "Everyone should sit nice in the car in case there's a crash"

Orlaith, 5, Aberdeen ... "My Daddy goes too fast sometimes"

Holly, 2, Aberdeen ... "Why do some drivers not wear their seatbelt?"

Isabella, 3, Aberdeen ... "Daddy doesn't speed but he does munch food when he's driving"

Phanyanan, 3, Aberdeen ... "We never use our phones but lots of other people do"

Leonie, 3, Aberdeen ... "I gave Daddy a row for going through a red light and I told everyone what he did"

Ava, 4, Aberdeen ... "Both Mummy & Daddy do silly things. Maybe they won't do it anymore"

Callie, 4, Aberdeen ... "Always keep your eyes in front to see the road"

Thea, 3, Aberdeen ... "The police will come and you will get into trouble for not wearing your belt"

Thomas, 5, Aberdeen ... "Dad's speed could be slower"

Emily, 4, Aberdeen ... "We should always put our belts on as soon as we get in the car"

Natasha, 3, Aberdeen ... "A bad driver crashed into the traffic lights"

Amelia, 2, Aberdeen ... "The car is so noisy when it's horn is beeping all the time"

Harriet, 2, Aberdeen ... "Seatbelts are meant to be worn every time we are in the car"

Gagandeep, 4, Aberdeen ... "My Daddy is naughtier than Mummy. They both drive too fast though"

Sophie, 3, Aberdeen ... "Daddy gets angry at other drivers"

Olivia, 2, Aberdeen ... "We're always singing in the car to the music. Maybe we should turn it down a little so we can hear other cars coming"

Chelsie, 4, Aberdeen ... "Mummy uses bad words"

Ivy, 3, Aberdeen ... "Too much beep beeping"

Fynn, 6, Aberdeen ... "It's not safe to drive and text"

Mahati, 4, Aberdeen ... "Daddy shouldn't speed"

Victoria, 2, Aberdeen ... "Daddy's promised to always wear his belt now"

Caleb, 3, Aberdeen ... "My mummy should be more patient"

Danny, 4, Aberdeen ... "My dad doesn't speed but he does get angry sometimes"

Laura, 1, Aberdeen ... "Not all Mummys drive as good as my Mummy does"

Danny, 2, Aberdeen ... "Naughty Mummy"

Aimee, 5, Aberdeen ... "Always keep looking for bikes"

Eloise, 5, Aberdeen ... "Mum won't hear other cars because of her music"

Claudia, 7, Aberdeen ... "Slow down Mummy"

Ian, 2, Aberdeen ... "Dad's music is way too loud"

Kirstin, 12, Aberdeen ... "I see my neighbours smoking all the time in their car, it's disgsuting"

Hope, 11, Aberdeen ... "Our bus today was really, really slow"

Grace, 7, Aberdeen ... "Smoking's disgusting. You can't see where you are going either because of the smoke"

Emma, 3, Aberdeen ... "Mummy stopped using bad words when I said one of them"

Penelope, 3, Aberdeen ... "Daddy needs to turn his sounds down"

Mrinali, 7, Aberdeen ... "Daddy drives so fast sometimes the trees just whizz by"

Netra, 7, Aberdeen ... "Just because the car can go fast doesn't mean it should be driven too fast"

Joshua, 5, Aberdeen ... "It makes me sad to see people not wearing their seatbelt"

Sofia, 2, Aberdeen ... "Red doesn't mean go, silly billy"

Kirsten, 4, Aberdeen ... "A seatbelt might save your life if you crash"

Graeme, 8, Aberdeen ... "The speed limit is the law. If you go over it the Police will come and arrest you"

Victoria, 6, Aberdeen ... "Cars should always stop for red lights because the green man might be on"

Elsie, 4, Aberdeen ... "Naughty Mummy"

Gregor, 6, Aberdeen ... "Please don't do it anymore Dad"

Christopher, 4, MacKinnon Cook ... "You have to always read the signs & wear your seatbelt when you are in the caravan. It has headphones on top"

Ella, 5, car show ... "Rainbow colour"

Emily, 1, Edinburgh ... "Can't text and fly"

Alfie, 2, Edinburgh ... "Staying in the lines"

Alex, 4, Airdrie ... "Black and orange"

David, 3, Prestonpans ... "Wiggly lines"

Natalia, 3, Glasgow ... "Pink"

Craig, 6, Moniaive ... "I like to see the birds and I like Dad driving"

India, 4, Irvine ... "Put your lights on it's getting dark"

Nico, 2, Airdrie ... "Traffic lights"

Lennon, 7, Musselburgh ... "No drinking & eating while driving"

Taylor, 5, Lenzie ... "I like playing my songs in the car"

Alfie, 5, Dunfermline ... "Daddy says bad words in the car"

Olivia, 2, Glasgow ... "Blue"

David, 2, Glasgow ... "I love sitting in my car seat in Mummy's car"

Alfie, 5, Kelso ... "Sometimes daddy drives too fast"

Niamh, 2, Dunfermline ... "Red wheels"

Leah, 3, Glasgow ... "My car"

Kacee, 2, Airdrie ... "Green car"

Holly, 6, Crieff ... "My Dad and me in his car"

Jamie, 5, Edinburgh ... "My blue car"

Max, 6, Glasgow ... "Don't talk on your phone when you're driving and be careful!"

Emily, 5, Tranent ... "Drive safe"

Jessica, 3, Musselburgh ... "Yellow car"

Luca, 2, Glasgow ... "Pink wheels"

Hayden, 8, Fauldhouse ... "Stay safe when you drive"

Rheagan, 4, Blairgowrie ... "I like going in my booster seat with my seat belt on reading a comic"

Darren, 7, Blairgowrie ... "I think the best is looking out of the window"

Noah, 7, Bathgate ... "My Mum is best driver"

Abbie, 5, St Boswell ... "Dad is a good driver"

Katie, 7, St Boswell ... "Nanny drives to slow"

Neve, 8, Glasgow ... "Mummy tells me to text for her if she is driving"

Cheryl, 2, Glasgow ... "Mummy sometimes shouts"

Shay, 10, Glasgow ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Arran, 6, Lesmahagow ... "Watch for traffic lights"

Elyssa, 3, Glasgow ... "I don't like it when people shout"

Abigail, 5, Whitburn ... "I hate other drivers that don't use indicators they make my mum shout"

Daniel, 3, Fife ... "I like in the car"

Morag, 4, Galashiels ... "My car"

Cheryl, 10, Dundee ... "Slow down"

Nicola, 6, Prestonpans ... "Mummy's a good driver"

Michael, 3, Ayr ... "Dad's car"

Lynne, 4, Motherwell ... "Rainbow car"

Ross, 6, Glasgow ... "Aunt Chloe always gets angry in the car"

Daniel, 6, St Enoch Glasgow ... "Green car watching for animals "

Aaron, 4, Hamilton ... "Mum calls bad drivers muppets"

Reilly, 7, East Kilbride ... "Reilly boy"

Derbi, 5, East Kilbride ... "Dads a good driver"

Suzanne, 4, Glasgow ... "Colourful car"

Darin, 8, Glasgow ... "I think daddy is a good driver"

Shivangi, 7, Glasgow ... "Pink car"

Anshu, 3, Glasgow ... "My car"

Eshal, 5, Glasgow ... "Always stay on your speed limit"

Lily, 3, Glasgow ... "My dad's a good driver"

Evasi, 6, Glasgow ... "Dad's a very good driver"

Toni, 8, Glasgow ... "My aunty gets mad at lights"

Rio, 7, Glasgow ... "Do not let babies drive!"

Khalil, 3, Glasgow ... "No sleeping in the car"

Yilin, 8, Glasgow ... "My dad is a good driver"

Carley-Jo, 3, Glasgow ... "My Mum's a good and safe driver"

Shilo, 6, Glasgow ... "My Dad is a very good driver because my Dad knows about No 1 safety"

Jo, 4, Glasgow ... "i like it sunny in the"

Daisy, 1, Glasgow ... "My Mum sings songs to me in the car"

Danny, 4, Glasgow ... "Wear seatbelts"

Matthew, 5, Glasgow ... "Drive safe"

Eric, 5, Glasgow ... "My mum's a good driver"

Kaitlyn, 10, Greenock ... "In the car we play I-spy and my little sister sings"

Jay, 8, Greenock ... "Mummy and Dad are good drivers"

Ellie, 7, Greenock ... "Flamingo land"

Sofia, 3, Greenock ... "Me and my gran sing in the car"

Corey, 5, Gourock ... "My granddad never gets angry when driving in the car"

Jake, 4, Greenock ... "I like being in the car it's fun"

Jack, 2, Greenock ... "Mummy's car"

Eilidh, 3, Greenock ... "I sing songs in the car"

Sophie, 5, Greenock ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Nikki, 10, Dumbarton ... "Don't text, smoke, call or drink alcohol when you're driving"

Isla, 10, Dumbarton ... "No texting in the car"

Abigail, 5, Dumbarton ... "My gran is a great driver"

Erin, 11, Dumbarton ... "My Dad always tells jokes which make my brother and mum laugh"

Anna, 10, Dumbarton ... "My granddad complains if someone goes too fast and 'beeps' the horn loud"

Lily, 6, Alexandria ... "My mummy is a very good driver"

Chloe, 11, Troon ... "My family likes to sing to songs in the car"

Kelice, 7, Dumbarton ... "I like to listen to the radio "

Carla, 3, Dumbarton ... "We sing nursery rhymes in the car"

Chloe, 3, Dumbarton ... "Mum's car"

Yvie, 2, Dumbarton ... "Red car"

Layla, 5, Clydebank ... "My mummy talks too much in the car"

Josh, 3, Alexandria ... "Daddy is a good driver"

Lucy, 4, Oban ... "Mummy is a good driver"

Cara, 7, Oban ... "Never distract the driver"

Dylan, 4, Oban ... "I sing in the car"

Ronnie, 6, Oban ... "Dad's driving can sometimes make me sick"

Conner, 2, Oban ... "My mum loves her car she is a good driver dad said she is a dangerous driver"

Raina, 3, Oban ... "I love traveling in the car"

Boyden, 5, Oban ... "My mummy is a safe driver"

Neha, 4, Oban ... "Multicoloured car"

Heidi, 6, Oban ... "My mum's a fantastic driver purple car green seats"

Maisie, 3, Oban ... "Mum stops at red lights"

Bethan, 6, Oban ... "My mum and dad are great drivers"

Adam, 11, Oban ... "My mum doesn't risk it"

Alyss, 5, Oban ... "Daddy gets stressed out"

Isla, 5, Oban ... "Put seatbelt on"

James, 7, Oban ... "You shouldn't take hands off the wheel, don't close your eyes, don't talk on the phone"

Emma, 5, Oban ... "Be a careful driver"

Eva, 3, Oban ... "Wait your turn and stop at red lights be safe"

Elio, 4, Oban ... "Don't listen to daddy shouting at other cars"

Rory, 5, Oban ... "Stop fighting"

Louise, 7, Oban ... "Don't say bad words in the car don't shout while the driver's driving you could end up in hospital"

Tom, 5, Oban ... "Don't go to fast don't be silly in the car"

Ryan, 3, Oban ... "Be a careful driver, a yellow car"

Olly, 3, Oban ... "Mummy drives fast, red car"

Shanna, 8, Oban ... "Driving is too fast, a red and orange car blue windows"

Callum, 3, Oban ... "Mummy is a slow driver, a purple car"

Alyss, 5, Oban ... "Daddy gets stressed out"

Joe, 8, Oban ... "Don't talk when driving"

Ryan, 5, Oban ... "Sing in the car"

Chloe, 11, Oban ... "Swearing is not caring"

Lydia, 3, Oban ... "Don't drive too fast"

Drew, 3, Beith ... "Sit back all the times the car is moving"

Darcie, 7, Beith ... "Keep your seat belt on until the engine stops"

Abbie, 6, Linwood ... "Don't use a phone in the car when driving"

Evie, 2, Linwood ... "Always wear your seatbelt"

Niamh, 6, Johnstone ... "Don't drive when talking in the car"

Tiana, 5, Paisley ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Alecia, 7, Lochwinnoch ... "Put your seatbelts on"

Wenyi xu, 5, Paisley ... "Drive safe"

Eilidh-Clare, 8, Paisley ... "I like to see fun things in the car far away"

Caolan, 3, Glasgow ... "I promise to keep my seatbelt on when mummy passes her test"

Amy, 2, Renfrewshire ... "I like going places in the car"

Ellie, 9, Renfrewshire ... "I like driving because you can go places for free"

Kathryn, 5, Greenock ... "Drive with care"

Luke, 7, Paisley ... "Stay off your phone while driving"

Calvin, 4, Paisley ... "Keep seatbelts on all the time"

Cameron, 4, Beith ... "Stop at red traffic light"

Tia, 5, Paisley ... "Always wear your seatbelt because it keeps you safe"

Aron, 9, Paisley ... "Don't shout at other drivers it's rude"

Paul, 10, Paisley ... "Don't smoke or use the phone in the car"

Lauren, 5, Paisley ... "Always wear your seatbelts and I love cars"

Adam, 3, Paisley ... "Use seatbelts and don't drive too fast"

Sophia, 4, Renfrew ... "I like to sing songs in the car"

Kristopher, 6, Irvine ... "Don't toot horn in the car"

Katelyn, 9, Kilbirnie ... "It's safe to put your indicators on when turning"

Jamie, 7, Kilbirnie ... "It is safe to wear your seatbelts all the time when in the car"

Isla, 5, Lochwinnoch ... "Wear seatbelts in the car"

Hayley, 8, Paisley ... "I love when my nana drives to feed the ducks"

Marshall, 2, Paisley ... "I like driving to the park with my nana"

Mia, 5, Dalry ... "Don't open the car door when driving"

Lola, 6, Dalry ... "Don't let go of the steering wheel when you are driving"

Freya, 4, Paisley ... "Mummy's a good driver"

Katie, 5, Kilwinning ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Isla, 3, Kilwinning ... "You need to stop at red lights"

Faye, 1, Kilwinning ... "Don't drive too fast in the car"

Chloe, 2, Irvine ... "Red means stop at traffic lights"

Kayleigh, 4, Irvine ... "No road rage don't be angry at other drivers"

Freya, 5, Irvine ... "Be quiet in the back"

Lilah-Rose, 8, Irvine ... "Don't go over the speed limit"

Karis, 6, Stranraer ... "My daddy is a safe driver"

Lilly-Mai, 4, Irvine ... "Daddy is a very safe driver"

Callum, 7, Irvine ... "Taxi drivers should make sure children and adults wear their seatbelts"

Tyler, 5, Irvine ... "My daddy is a good driver and doesn't speed"

Holly, 2, Irvine ... "Don't distract the driver"

June, 12, Irvine ... "We should not speed at traffic lights when they are yellow"

Eiliyah, 3, Irvine ... "My Aunty drives too fast and I don't like it"

Bentley, 4, Irvine ... "Slow down at zebra crossings"

Kayla, 2, Irvine ... "I like to look at the trees on the car journey"

Georgia, 5, Irvine ... "Wear seatbelts all the time"

Courtney, 4, Irvine ... "Don't drink and drive, stay safe"

Madison, 3, Irvine ... "Don't go too fast near the school"

Olivia, 3, Kilwinning ... "Wear seatbelts in the back of the car "

Lara, 4, Irvine ... "My mum is a good driver"

Casey, 3, Irvine ... "Wear your seatbelts in the car"

Caleb, 6, Irvine ... "Wear seatbelts in the car"

Aoife, 3, Irvine ... "Best to wear seatbelts and not take them off when Mum is driving"

Mason, 4, Irvine ... "It's rude to toot at other drivers"

Elisha, 4, Irvine ... "Always drive safely"

Melissa, 9, Kilbirnie ... "Don't use mobiles whilst driving"

Ellie, 4, Kilwinning ... "My mummy calls other drivers clowns when they do something wrong"

Aaron, 12, Irvine ... "My Dad's job is driving and he's a very good driver"

Kydence, 4, Irvine ... "My Mum calls bad drivers idiots"

Ella-Jane, 4, Irvine ... "Belt up always"

Branden, 9, Irvine ... "Wait when it's the red light"

Kai, 6, Irvine ... "Drive safely"

Callum, 5, Irvine ... "Keep your eyes on the road ahead"

Harris, 3, Irvine ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Siera, 10, Prestwick ... "Keep to the speed limit"

Ciara, 12, Prestwick ... "Don't use phones while driving and keep eyes on the road"

Reece, 7, Prestwick ... "Wait for the lollipop man"

Lucas, 8, Prestwick ... "Never take your eyes off the road, even for a second"

Brynne, 11, Irvine ... "Don't drink and drive"

Sophie, 11, Irvine ... "Don't be an amber gambler"

Lynzi, 7, Irvine ... "Always wear your seatbelt"

Harper, 4, Ayr ... "It's bad to brush your teeth while driving"

Demi, 6, Coylton ... "Don't use mobile phone while driving"

Charley, 5, Prestwick ... "Wear your seatbelts in the car"

Kayden, 3, Ayr ... "Be slow and safe when driving"

Olivia, 2, Carlisle ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Kiara, 6, Carlisle ... "Don't look at the sat nav on your phone when driving"

Niall, 2, Stranraer ... "Stop at red lights"

Harry, 6, Stranraer ... "Always wear your seatbelt"

Lyle, 5, Ayr ... "Don't shout in the car"

Charlie, 3, Ayr ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Ava, 5, Carlisle ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Bailey, 8, Ayr ... "Always wear seatbelts"

Penelope, 2, Ayr ... "Stop at traffic lights when they are red"

Emma, 4, Prestwick ... "Always use your seatbelt and don't use your phone in the car"

Aimee, 2, Prestwick ... "Don't shout at pedestrians"

Roza, 3, Irvine ... "Never drink and drive"

Scarlett, 5, Stockton-on-Tees ... "Wear seatbelts to be a safe driver"

Emma, 6, Stockton-on-Tees ... "Wearing seatbelts is important to avoid accidents"

Kodie, 5, Ayr ... "Don't take your seatbelt off"

Caleb, 2, Ayr ... "Don't drink and drive my mum says"

Abbie, 5, Ayr ... "I like to sing in the car"

Sami, 6, Maybole ... "I like to sit in the front seat but mum won't let me"

Jodie, 6, Ayr ... "My dad says in the car are you going to be a good girl"

Imogen, 4, Mossblown ... "You don't drive without a seatbelt on"

Carly, 6, Ayr ... "We broke down and had to get a tow truck"

Amy, 8, Ayr ... "It's bad to drink and drive"

Sophie, 3, Ayr ... "A camper van is fun"

Gabrielle, 4, Ayr ... "My mummy, daddy and Michaela and I are going to the beach park. You must always wear your seat belt. You must stop at traffic lights and drive home safely"

Brandon, 9, Ayr ... "Be careful on the road"

Nevaeh, 9, Ayr ... "Don't get out of your seatbelts when driving"

Neythen, 3, Ayr ... "Do not go behind the wheel of a car with even taking one drink. DON'T RISK IT"

Kai, 4, Ayr ... "Clunk click every trip"

Skye, 2, Cumnock ... "Don't drive too fast up to traffic lights it's not good"

Josh, 4, Ayr ... "Mummy says don't go very fast"

Bethany, 8, Stevenston ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Sienna, 9, Stevenston ... "Don't drink and stay alive"

Alfie, 7, Glasgow ... "No beeping the horn it makes other drivers angry"

Hana, 5, Ayr ... "My mum says, seatbelts on kids?"

Charlotte, 4, Ayr ... "Keep doors closed and look out the windows"

Hari, 3, Ayr ... "My mum says no hands out the window Hari!"

Lewis, 4, Ayr ... "Seatbelt on"

0livia, 2, Ayr ... "It's not safe when you drive fast"

Lillie, 3, Ayr ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Chloe, 5, Kilmarnock ... "Mum remember to always wear your seatbelt or the alarm in your car will go off and drive safely"

Taylor, 12, Kilwinning ... "Keep calm and drive safe"

Megan, 9, Kilwinning ... "It's safer to keep your seatbelts on in case the driver has to brake"

Swikriti, 7, Ayr ... "Dad is always angry when I disturb him"

Jodie, 10, Hamilton ... "Don't talk on the phone while driving and risk your child's life"

Keyleigh, 4, Hamilton ... "Never shout in the car"

Swikriti, 7, Ayre ... "Dad is always angry when I disturb him"

Ellie, 2, Stonehouse ... "Don't take seatbelts off until car stops "

Brooke, 3, Hamilton ... "Mummy goes when the lights are at green she stops at red"

Scott, 3, Hamilton ... "Pass the IAM"

Ryan, 7, East Kilbride ... "Wear seatbelts"

Eva, 7, East Kilbride ... "Always wear seatbelts"

Emma, 9, Wishaw ... "Always wear your seat belt in the car driving"

Emma, 9, Hamilton ... "Make your passengers safe"

Beatrice, 2, Motherwell ... "Always be patient when driving"

Florence, 5, Motherwell ... "Always be patient when you are driving"

Carys, 5, Hamilton ... "Patience when driving"

Hannah, 8, Motherwell ... "Never call or text while driving always wear a seatbelt"

Michael, 10, Hamilton ... "No smoking while driving"

Junior, 5, Larkhall ... "Don't throw rubbish out of the car"

David, 9, Blantyre ... "Do not use a phone when you are driving "

Jessica, 7, Kirkmuirhill ... "Don't dance in the car, red stop green go"

Faith, 8, Renfrewshire ... "This picture reminds me of my mum driving me and my brother and everywhere. The road is Johnstone High Street. It is very busy on this road. My mum is a good driver and never has any bumps with anyone even when my 4 year old brother is moaning. We like to sing to the radio. In the picture there are five shops, there is Card Kingdom, the Bank of Scotland, Poundland, boots and Greggs"

Megan, 5, Edinburgh ... "I play with barbies in my car"

Emma, 6, Edinburgh ... "Always stop at a red traffic light to be safe"

Leah, 4, Edinburgh ... "At a zebra crossing you should stop and let people cross the road safely"

Lily, 6, Edinburgh ... "Red is for stop amber is get ready green is for go"

Lewis, 4, Edinburgh ... "Traffic lights are red stop amber get ready green for go"

Tabitha, 5, Edinburgh ... "We must not get angry in the car"

Jayden, 5, Edinburgh ... "I like to look at the trees when I'm in the car"

Amelie, 3, Edinburgh ... "My mummy is a good driver and doesn't get angry"

Ella, 2, Edinburgh ... "Stay patient when driving"

Kerri, 9, Edinburgh ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Isabella, 6, Edinburgh ... "You can't eat in the car and keep your seatbelt on"

Zane, 4, Edinburgh ... "You can't take your arms out the seatbelt you can't eat when driving"

Madison, 7, Edinburgh ... "I like to play I-spy in the car on a long journey"

Billy, 5, Edinburgh ... "The game I play in the car is I-spy with my sister"

Amalia, 5, Penicuik ... "I make videos on my Gran's phone when she is driving"

Romany, 7, Edinburgh ... "Don't jam your fingers and hands in the door, be careful"

Mckenzie, 9, Edinburgh ... "Don't hit people in the car because it's very dangerous"

Josh, 5, Edinburgh ... "Don't shout at mummy when she's driving"

Lauren, 10, Edinburgh ... "Don't distract the driver its dangerous"

April, 1, Loanhead ... "My mummy is going to learn to drive soon"

Chloe Louise, 5, Midlothian ... "Wear seatbelts at all times"

Chloe, 3, Edinburgh ... "Stop at red lights and look out for children playing"

Taylor, 8, Edinburgh ... "You do not drink and drive"

Chloe, 7, Edinburgh ... "Chloe"

Daniel, 7, Edinburgh ... "It's good to slow down at amber lights"

Lucy, 5, Edinburgh ... "Be kind to learner drivers"

Logan, 9, Roslin ... "Stay safe by not using phones in the car"

Arran, 7, Roslin ... "Don't smoke and don't drive when you're tired it causes accidents"

Sophie, 8, Edinburgh ... "Keep calm, drive safely for children"

Shannon, 7, Edinburgh ... "Always look ahead when driving"

Amira, 3, Edinburgh ... "Always drive safely"

Daniella, 5, Edinburgh ... "Don't drive too fast it's scary"

Sarah, 11, Edinburgh ... "It's not safe for drivers to text when driving, they will crash the car"

Rhion, 7, Edinburgh ... "Adults shouldn't shout at other people in the car in front"

Hannah, 10, Dalkeith ... "Don't go on your devices in the car it's not safe"

Amy-Louise, 2, Edinburgh ... "No smoking in the car "

Amy, 3, Edinburgh ... "Slow down at traffic lights and look out for dogs and cats and children"

Kieran, 9, Edinburgh ... "Always stop at the red light"

Max, 5, Edinburgh ... "My tummy gets sore when the car goes too fast"

Brogan, 6, Galashiels ... "We shouldn't lose our temper while driving"

Mya, 4, Galashiels ... "Be careful with children in the car. Don't risk it"

Aimee, 3, Earlston ... "No phones in the car it's not safe"

Emma, 7, Galashiels ... "You need to keep your seatbelt on"

Isla, 3, Melrose ... "Think of others on the road"

Zoe, 9, Greenlaw ... "My road trip to the beach"

Cody, 11, Greenlaw ... "My dad goes too fast!!!"

Holly, 10, Hawick ... "Dad is the best driver ever"

Lidija, 3, Galashiels ... "Wear seatbelts"

Angel, 8, Hawick ... "Don't speed stay safe"

Louise, 12, Hawick ... "Careful on the road when there are kids in the car"

Rachel, 8, Galashiels ... "My mum is the best driver"

Maizy, 4, Melrose ... "Mum's a good driver and doesn't text or use her mobile phone"

Katie-Jane, 11, Galashiels ... "Bright colours for happiness and my little rap that I added to make driver aware. "

Jade, 7, Galashiels ... "Belt up!"

Katie-Jane, 11, Galashiels ... "My picture has bright colours to make people look and for happiness I have added my own little rap to make people aware of risky driving"

Aidan, 5, Galashiels ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Lowrie, 3, Galashiels ... "My picture is a fast racing car but a little message to drive carefully"

Sophie, 7, Livingston ... "I've seen people reading a book when reading"

Amy, 9, Glasgow ... "Driving too fast is very dangerous. DO NOT SPEED! "

Lewis, 8, Livingston ... "Drive slow and safe"

Steven, 10, Livingston ... "Don't text and drive you will cause an accident"

Chloe, 2, Livingston ... "Don't text in the car it's dangerous"

Abigail, 5, Fauldhouse ... "You shouldn't throw rubbish out the car window"

Naomi, 6, Whitburn ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Murren, 3, Livingston ... "Texting when driving is bad"

Morgan, 5, Livingston ... "I like to take photos in the car"

Brylee, 6, Polbeth ... "No fast driving and not too close to other cars"

Cameron, 3, Symington ... "Keep your eyes on the road"

Marcel, 5, Livingston ... "My black and green car"

Eve, 2, Carluke ... "I like to look out of the window"

Maili, 6, Edinburgh ... "My mum stops the car to text and use her phone"

Olivia, 5, Edinburgh ... "Wear your seatbelt and you don't use your mobile phone to text"

Sophia, 7, Dunfermline ... "Don't drink and drive"

Luca, 5, Dunfermline ... "Don't drive too fast"

Calvin, 1, Ballingry ... "Don't drive like you're on empty and still have 30 miles to drive"

Leo-Jay, 2, Ballingry ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Maddison, 4, Dunfermline ... "My mummy and daddy keep to the speed limit"

Leah, 7, Lochgelly ... "Concentrate"

Nela, 5, Dalgety Bay ... "Keep your seatbelt on"

Bonnie, 5, Lochgelly ... "No phones allowed"

Lalia, 8, Lochgelly ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Ahana, 10, Kirkcaldy ... "Road safety look left and right keep eyes on road"

Suhana, 5, Kirkcaldy ... "Don't text when driving"

Aukse, 2, Kirkcaldy ... "Always look right and left"

Ceryce, 3, Kirkcaldy ... "Always be good in the car"

Bradley, 10, Kirkcaldy ... "Don't fall asleep at the wheel"

Rhonda, 11, Kirkcaldy ... "Always go on green never on amber"

Alexis, 3, Fraserburgh ... "Don't play music too loud in the car, it distracts the driver"

Jessica, 2, Fraserburgh ... "Always put on your seatbelt"

Sadie, 3, Fraserburgh ... "No smoking in the car it makes you sick"

Connor, 4, Fraserburgh ... "Don't beep the horn"

Chiara, 2, Dundee ... "No speeding"

Ethan, 2, Aberdeenshire ... "Always belt up in the car"

Niamh, 8, Fraserburgh ... "Don't speed at red light"

Zoe, 10, Fraserburgh ... "Stop at red lights"

Logan, 6, Fraserburgh ... "Wear your seatbelt"

Lily, 4, Fraserburgh ... "Drive and keep to the speed limit"

Lacey, 4, Fraserburgh ... "My mum is a safe driver"

Sasha, 8, Fraserburgh ... "The funny clown is in the car"

Jester, 12, Fraserburgh ... "Don't smoke in the car with children"

Kaila, 7, Fraserburgh ... "Don't smoke in the car"

Jensen, 2, Fraserburgh ... "Don't call people idiots"

Lexie, 4, Fraserburgh ... "You shouldn't get angry at other drivers"

Jack, 2, Fraserburgh ... "Don't drink and drive"

Azaria, 4, Fraserburgh ... "I like to look at the trees when I am in the car"

Shaylah, 12, Fraserburgh ... "Don't drive at a red light you must stop"

Lachlan, 7, Fraserburgh ... "Don't drive off at a red light"

Caitlyn, 6, Fraserburgh ... "I see lots of birds in the car. Don't use mobile phones in the car it's dangerous"

Calum, 4, Inverness ... "I see that everyone wears their seat belts to be safe and not move about"

Bosong, 7, London ... "Drive at the speed limit"

Cameron, 5, Inverness ... "Don't throw rubbish out the window"

Lily, 5, Elgin ... "Stay safe"

Ryan, 4, Thurso ... "Put your safety belt on as soon as you get in the car"

Olivia, 5, Inverness ... "I play with my tablet when I'm in the car"

Amelia, 6, Inverness ... "I see birds when I am in the car"

Alicya, 4, Inverness ... "I see trees and the sunshine"

Cara, 7, Inverness ... "Never take your eyes off the road I see drivers who use mobile phones which is wrong"

Claire, 3, Inverness ... "I play I-spy and sing songs"

Nicola, 3, Inverness ... "Always wear a seatbelt"

Elizabeth, 3, Grantown-on-Spey ... "Don't text when driving"

Alexa, 3, Inverness ... "Drive safe and slow"

Penny, 3, Portree ... "Don't risk it"

Bianca, 7, Inverness ... "Always wear your seat belt"

Diana, 4, Inverness ... "Don't smoke and drive"

Abi, 8, Inverness ... "Never shout in the car at other drivers"

Amelia, 5, Nairn ... "I see the trees and birds"

Caitlin, 6, New Deer ... "Noisy children passengers can disturb driver and cause accident or driver lose concentration"

Abigail, 4, Aberdeen ... "You must keep your hands on the steering wheel when you are driving"

Ben, 1, Aboyne ... "Wear seatbelts"

Isabella, 2, Lossiemouth ... "My dog comes on the family car journey"

James, 4, Aberdeen ... "Connect your seatbelt"

Ella, 7, Aberdeen ... "Don't drive fast or you could kill animals or kids"

Curtis, 7, Fraserburgh ... "Always wear a seat belt "

Keira, 2, Fraserburgh ... "Belt up! Wear a seatbelt"

Aiden, 4, Aberdeen ... "Put your seatbelt on and don't take it off until you stop"

Sophie, 2, Aberdeen ... "Mustn't use mobile phones"

Nicole, 6, Montrose ... "Drive slowly when near traffic lights"

Joshua, 1, Aberdeen ... "No eating and driving"

Sebastian, 11, Aberdeen ... "Don't run through a red light"

Keiran, 4, Inverurie ... "Drive at the speed limit"

Rhuraidh, 3, Inverurie ... "Keep pets in the back of the car"

Erin, 5, Dyce ... "Wear a seatbelt"

Maisy, 4, Aberdeen ... "Don't use mobile phones"

Isaac, 8, Aberdeen ... "Don't go through a red light"

Katie, 6, Aberdeen ... "Always put your seatbelt on it keeps you in your seat safe"

Amy, 3, Aberdeen ... "I like to sing in the car"

Alex, 4, Aberdeen ... "Don't talk to much when driving"

Naomi, 2, Aberdeen ... "Wear seatbelts be safe"

Amy, 4, Keith ... "My daddy's a good driver"

Katie, 4, Aberdeen ... "Don't distract the driver"

Caitlin, 6, Tullibody ... "I think mummy likes to drive fast"

Erica, 7, Inverness ... "Mum driving me and my sister to swimming"

Hazel, 5, Inverness ... "Me and my family driving on holiday"

Kaihden, 9, Glasgow ... "Mummy and my brothers Masyn and Lyle and me driving safely "

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