Kids' Gallery

Amy, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy always speaks on the phone when she's driving"

Alina, 9, Edinburgh ... "My mummy smokes in the car"

Courtney, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy turns round to talk to me when she's driving."

Raaiyesha, 10, Edinburgh ... "Daddy gets angry sometimes when he's driving"

Shahmeer, 9, Edinburgh ... "My daddy swears at other drivers"

Freya, 10, Edinburgh ... "My mummy goes through amber lights"

Lucy, 9, Edinburgh ... "Daddy gets angry when people cut in"

Miriam, 9, Edinburgh ... "Mummy goes into her handbag when she's driving and sometimes sends texts"

Daryl, 10, Edinburgh ... "Daddy goes zoom zoom through amber lights"

Charlie, 9, West Lothian ... "My daddy eats at the wheel"

Jordon, 10, West Lothian ... "Daddy doesn't text but he eats when he's driving"

Lois, 10, Edinburgh ... "My dad drives too fast"

Ryan, 6, Edinburgh ... "Daddy shouts a lot in the car"

Lucy, 9, Edinburgh ... "I have to tell daddy to calm down in the car"

Erin, 8, West Lothian ... "My mummy looks behind us when she is driving"

Tess, 3, The Gyle ... "Peach and blue traffic lights"

Tayla, 5, The Gyle ... "Dad drives well"

Sophie, 3, The Gyle ... "Mummy driving"

Leigha, 4, The Gyle ... "That's a stupid place to park"

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