It’s easy to feel cocooned as you drive your car across town

Did you ever think that cyclists and pedestrians don’t have the luxury of air bags and crumple zones? Unfortunately hundreds of vulnerable road users are involved in accidents on Scottish roads every year. And this figure is increasing as more people choose a greener method of travel.

This means that most accidents happen in built-up areas

In fact, did you know you are seven times as likely to kill a pedestrian if you hit them at 30mph rather than 20. (and you can read more facts on our be Street Smart page.)

But it’s not all bad news

As drivers we can help by driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions. With more and more people choosing to walk and cycle these days we all need to look out for each other. Vehicles are heavy objects that can cause a lot of damage even at slow speeds so, when you’re in town, look out for pedestrians and cyclists.

The message is clear – in town, slow down.