What will stop you speeding in town?

Every nine minutes someone is stopped for speeding in Scotland. And, all too often the problem is people driving too fast in towns and cities.

A lot of people don’t even realise they’re speeding. But, by then it’s often too late. And they’re faced with points, a fine, or – in some cases – a ban on driving altogether.

Think about where you’re driving

Most drivers (87%) think that hitting a pedestrian at 30mph wouldn’t be fatal. Sadly, this is not the case. Pedestrians are seven times as likely to be killed if they’re hit at 30mph, rather than 20mph.

And, there are now more people walking in town. In fact, two-thirds walk as a method of transport at least once a week. When you consider that less than half of drivers (47%) look out for people at junctions, it’s no wonder that half of the casualties happen there.

Being in a hurry is no excuse

For drivers, it’s all to easy to use the excuse of rushing to a meeting (which almost a third of drivers admit to). Or, going faster to pick up the kids on time.

But is rushing to get somewhere really worth points on your licence, or worse? It’s better just to keep one simple thing in mind at all times – in town, slow down.