Driver fatigue causes hundreds of road accidents each year. And these accidents are roughly 50% more likely to result in death or serious injury. Because when drivers fall asleep they can’t brake or swerve – so the accidents tend to be high-speed collisions.

Tiredness reduces reaction time and affects your alertness and concentration. It also lowers your ability to process information quickly, which can affect decision-making. These things really matter when you’re behind the wheel.

Most drivers know when they’re feeling sleepy, and make a decision about whether to carry on, or stop for a rest. It’s easy to underestimate the risk of actually falling asleep behind the wheel. But it can be fatal.

Just a short break and a caffeinated drink can make a difference. But even this is just a temporary measure, as the sleepiness will return unless you’re properly rested. The best option is to plan ahead, so you’re not in a position to be driving when you’re sleepy. Check out our top tips to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.