test your reactions

see just how quick you really are sober...or not

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how to play

when you see a hazard on the road, hit thestopbutton to react in time

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choose difficulty

I haven't
been drinking

I have
been drinking

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you just stopped for no reason

Try again    >

your reaction time was

0 seconds

Alcohol is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream which rapidly affects your brain and your driving ability. Try the game again - it now reflects the impact alcohol may have on your reactions.

Test your reactions after a drink    >

you were too slow

you're lucky this was only a game

Play again    >

without a drink your reaction time was
0.XX seconds


with a couple of drinks your reaction time was
0.xX seconds

Even after only one drink your reaction speeds are slower and your concentration is also affected.
Don't risk it, don't drink and drive.

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