Plan ahead and get home safely

It’s not worth getting in the car – even after one drink – as you’ll be putting yourself and others at risk. So it’s always best to think about how you’re going to get home before you head out after.

Use public transport

Traveline Scotland – for travel advice
0871 2002233
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Google maps – for bus/train route and travel assistance
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Get a taxi

It’ll be cheaper than facing an unlimited fine for being caught drink-driving, not to mention safer.

Nominate a designated driver or call someone to pick you up

If you live in a more rural area where there is less public transport this is a great option – especially if you take turns with your friends.

Stay over at a friend’s house or check into a hotel or B&B

Stay at a friend’s or relative’s until you’re sure you’re safe to drive. Although a hotel or B&B may seem like a luxury, it will always be less than facing an unlimited fine.

Use a service such as Scoot to drive you home

Scoot drivers come to your car on a fold-away scooter and drive you home. This may be cheaper than a two-way taxi fare.

The best approach is none.

Don’t drink and drive.